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Understanding Bail Bonds Broomfield, Colorado

Are you in need of bail bonds Broomfield, Colorado? If you are, you should be trying to find a bail bondsman who operates nearby and has a reputation for offering fast, dependable service.

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Bail Defined

Bail is a payment in cash or property given in exchange for release from jail.

Bail is the defendant’s way of guaranteeing they will show up to court on all the necessary dates. It also gives the defendant a reason to appear in court, as they will be refunded most of the bail after they appear or forfeit it if they fail to do so.

How Bail is Determined

During the arraignment hearing, the defendant finds out whether or not they are eligible for bail.

The answers to three questions help to determine what a defendant’s bail is set at, if they are allowed bail at all:

  • How severe is the crime committed?

  • Does the defendant have a criminal record?

  • Is the defendant a flight risk?

    If the defendant is allowed bail, but the price is too high for them to pay, a bail bondsman can help.

Options for Bail Bonds Broomfield, Colorado

Here are some of the types of bail bonds:

  • Cash bonds

  • Property bonds

  • Personal Recognizance Bonds

  • PR bonds with co-signer

  • Surety bonds


For this option, the defendant must pay the full bail amount in cash.


With this bond, property is given rather than money to cover the bail. Typically, homes, cars, and jewelry are used.

Personal Recognizance

This is the defendant’s word to appear in court at the required date and time.

PR Bonds with Co-Signer

These bonds are a shared burden. The defendant pays part of the fee and the co-signer pays the rest. This co-signer has certain criteria to meet.


With this type of bond, a bail bondsman like ASAP Bail Bonds covers the entire bail. Oftentimes the agency will charge the defendant 10%.

Consequences of Not Following Through

If a defendant doesn’t honor their bond, they can get in serious legal trouble.

The police department will issue a warrant for their arrest, giving the police the ability to search the defendant’s home, work, and vehicle. Police will also question the defendant’s loved ones and possibly even surveil them. Once the defendant is located, the police will take them to jail. The will then most likely have to serve a longer sentence and pay additional fees. The bail bondsman may also sue for bail. Do you have additional questions about bail bonds Broomfield, Colorado? ASAP Bail Bonds would be happy to answer them! Call us today, and we’ll help you out.